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Winter in July!

Updated: Jul 10

Hey there! Happy July!

We're so happy that our summer season is in full swing, but we can't help but miss this chilly air of the winter when it's 90 degrees in the sun. Gross!

We've always loved the whimsy and wonder of snow, so we've decided to pair up with Ready Set Snow, New York's newest and most inventive new way to bring the joy of winter straight to your event, any day a year, without all the hassle of a big snowstorm!

Just like us, Ready Set Snow uses a different kind of high-powered bubble machine to make a winter wonderland at any indoor or outdoor event. We love it, and we know you will, too!

Email if you'd like to get a quote, and visit for some more info on the snow parties! We'd love to bring you winter in July! Or August. Or September. Or October. Or... you get the picture. We love bubbles!!

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