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Here are some of our most Frequently Asked Questions about our fun Foam and Bubble Parties and Events! If you've still got questions, please feel free to contact us here and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible :)

Frequently Asked Questions


How safe is this Foam stuff?

 Our bubble and foam solution is biodegradable, non-staining, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic! It's safe for babies, kids, teenagers, grandma, dogs, cats, grass, plants, and it's even safe for the environment!  It is as gentle as baby shampoo. The irritations kids generally have are from trying to rub their eyes clear of the soap, more so than the soap itself. The foam won't damage the grass/ plants, but 20 or so children stomping and sliding will flatten a lawn. Most lawns are fine by the end of the day and almost all bounce back after the first rainfall.


What is a Foam dance party anyway?

Foam at your home provides Fun Foam Dance Parties! We bring our professional Foam Cannon and can blast out enough foam to cover an area 30x30', and can get up to 6 feet deep! While you and your guests have fun in our foam, we play family-friendly, high-energy music to keep the atmosphere fun and entertaining! And, to add to the fun, we'll throw out beach balls and other fun inflatables for you to bounce around and play with! There's no place like Foam!


How long do the parties last?

That's up to you... we can stay as long as you want! The length really depends on what type of party or event you're having. For a birthday party, 60-90 minutes is typical. For fairs, festivals, summer camps, daycares, school parties, college/university parties, corporate networks, or other big events, we can be there as long as you'd like! We even have discounts available if you book us for more than an hour! Contact Us and let us know your needs and we'll come up with a great foam party solution to fit them.


What do you need for a foam party?

After payment for our services, all we need from you is an outside water faucet (we hook up our hose to it), an outside electrical outlet, and space for us to fill with foam (like a grassy yard or lawn, a driveway, parking lot, asphalt, and even a basketball court works great for foam parties)! Dry grass, dirt, and poorly maintained areas make for a dirty (muddy) party! Our hose and extension cord are 50' long. So, the water hookup and outlet must be within 50 feet of the foam party!

Also, it is recommended that your guests have their bathing suits and some sort of shoes (or other footwear) on their feet. Depending on how much you play in the foam, you may get damp or soaked! So, don't forget your towel (and perhaps a change of clothes)! 


What do we do with all this foam when you leave?

We have a couple of options for clean-up! We can hose down the area with water and all the foam will be clean and gone within minutes! Or, we can leave the foam and it will vanish all on its own- clean-up is a breeze when your party is made of soap! Let us know if you want us to leave it or hose it down when we are done. 


Is this just for kids?

No way! This is for anyone and everyone that wants to have some socially distanced, good clean fun! Our foam parties are great for kids, families, and adult parties as well! We use an official FoamDaddy Cannon which is a Certified Autism Resource. This makes a great sensory-friendly activity!


How much do these things cost? 

That depends on your event's needs! A foam birthday party for kids in your yard starts at $499, but that is very different from a foam dance party for a college event! Those are different from a company party, or a county fair, and there may even be a travel fee, depending on how far we need to go to get to you... Rest assured that you'll get a HUGE bang for your buck! Our foam dance parties play BIG! The best thing to do is to Contact Us, tell us your needs, and we'll give you a quote!


What if it rains?

While the reservation fee is non-refundable, it is transferrable. We can apply the credit to the same party type on any other available date and time! We’ve got 3 separate squads of trained foam experts which helps us provide the greatest amount of availability. In short, we’ll work with you…. We WANT to bring Foam to YOUR Home!


How far do you travel?

We are located on Long Island and we cover the New York City metro area. We service Nassau County, Queens, and Western Suffolk at no travel charge. East of the Fork, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island, and Westchester are an additional $75 dollars. Anything beyond that is charged by the mile! Contact us for more information if you're outside our normal service area. 


Do you offer bounce houses and other inflatable rides?

We do not offer any inflatable rides besides beach balls. Foam is our specialty and that's where we have focused our attention. Our foam artists have learned the ins and outs in order to make the experience top-notch for you and your guests. It has been our experience that when we are at event that also has a bounce house, the foam zone is packed and the bounce house is empty :) 


It seems like a lot of money. Why is it so expensive? Isn't it just bubbles?

There’s a lot that goes into these parties… We are SERIOUS about suds. The extra steps we take are there to ensure that everyone stays happy, healthy, and safe. We use a hypoallergenic blend of unscented, dye-free foam solution. It creates bubbles that are non-toxic and biodegradable (we’re not just using dish soap). We send two safety attendants who monitor the foam and the safety of the guests and also bring a full sound system loud enough to play music over the machinery and excitement. Our high-powered foam canon doesn’t just create massive volumes of foam, but because of its design, we can control the direction of the foam output too. We put the foam where you want it, and not where gravity takes it. Last but not least… reliability. We’ve been in the foam business on Long Island for longer than anyone else, so we’ve got the experience and expertise to make your event POP!


Can we have foam at our pool party? 

Long story short, absolutely not. When the foam party is in full swing, the guests will be running through it and it gets hard to see the ground. If there’s a pool underneath the bubbles, people can fall in, and our attendants won’t necessarily see them and be able to help. Not only will our insurance not cover it, it poses a real safety hazard and can turn a fun party into an emergency very quickly. To keep everyone having safe, clean fun, we don't operate around bodies of water!


Can I just rent a foam cannon and do it myself? 

These cannons are more difficult to operate than people think... this is a $4,000 piece of equipment and accidents can easily turn ugly. Our insurance does not cover rentals, plus, we train people to come and handle it all for you! Our prices include two attendants and a massive sound system to keep your party pumping without worries. 

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