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Come on, Barbie, Let's go FOAM PARTY!

Happy Spring, folks!

Our foam parties have been up and running for a few weeks now, and we've had so much fun so far! Dates are filling up quick so book us for your upcoming events!

We're now offering PINK FOAM PARTIES!!! Yes, that's right, now you can celebrate the 1-year Anniversary of the Barbie movie's release in a whole new way!! Who are we kidding, we're obsessed with these colorful bubble parties!

It doesn't stop there... there are lots of different colors we can make the foam. And, don't worry, the dye washes right out! This really takes your themed event to the next level. Give your parties an extra POP!

If you're not already following the Foam At Your Home Instagram or Facebook, head over there now to keep up to date on all things foamy!

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